How to order



If you wish to browse in our webshop (Anaptár webshop) or look around on our website you do not need to register.

With your current order you have a user name and password. With these you can log in anytime if you want to make any changes in you details like address, etc.


First you need to register to make an order on the website. Go to “Shop” and click on “My account” to do this. You find all your given details under “My account” and you can always change them anytime.

If you want to see the price of the product in a different currency apart from euro you need to click on “Select currency” at the footer of the site. All these prices are only informational, the payment could be only made in euro.

Basket and order

After you clicked on “Buy” you get to “My Cart” page where you find a summary of all the possible lamps.

If you have a valid digital voucher, you need to type the code in here to get the discount. You can find some pre-information about the delivery cost on the bottom of this site by giving the country and the postcode.

By clicking on “Proceed to checkout” you get to order page where you could fill in the payment details, the delivery address and could also make a comment. You could choose the most suitable payment type. You can only finalize your order after you filled in every detail. You will receive an email with your username and password. With these you can always log in the Webshop or follow your order or change your details.

By clicking on “Place order” you actually finalize your order in our system and takes you to the page where you get further information about your chosen payment type.

Payment guide for bank cards: Payment information via bank

After placing the order our customers receive a confirmation email. If you do not receive this email even after an hour please get in contact with us.

You can follow your current order under “My cart” and “My account”.

About the terms of the order, delivery and payment you find more information on Starry Light Lamp Webshop under general Terms & Conditions.